"Caregiving in the LGBT Community", San Diego Union-Tribune, May 9, 2018
May 9, 2018

Caregiving in the LGBT Community

LGBT people are more likely to become adult caregivers than the rest of the population, according to a 2015 AARP/National Alliance for Caregiving report. According to a study by SAGE, a national LGBT advocacy organization, about one in three older LGBT adults live alone, and 40 percent say their support networks have become smaller. In what way does being an LGBT caregiver differ? Here’s one way: “If you are in a non-married LGBT relationship, your relationship is not recognized by law,” says the Family Caregiver Alliance. “Under these circumstances, biological family members sometimes step in, take over decision-making authority, and exclude partners and close friends from being involved in the care of your friend or loved one…”

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