Japanese postmen check in on the elderly
April 8, 2018

Changing the World’s Conversation About Aging

A new view of living longer
by Jo Ann Jenkins, AARP CEO, AARP Bulletin, April 2018
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Societies around the world are coming up with creative, commonsense ways of adapting to the challenges posed by aging populations and doing it with existing resources. One example is Japan’s Watch Over service. For a small monthly fee, a Japanese postal carrier will check on an older resident along the mail delivery route and relay information about the resident’s well-being to family members using a tablet. The brilliance of this model is that it takes an existing infrastructure resource (a nationwide postal delivery network) and a seemingly unconnected challenge (isolated seniors) and puts them together. It works. The cost is low, the barriers to entry are few, and the payoff is huge…. »Read full article on AARP site