Town Hall around SB1239 - April 25, 2019
April 25, 2019

Town Hall to Discuss Bill SB1249

All are welcome!

APR 25, 6-8pm
University of Arizona
College of Law, Rm 164

1201 E Speedway
Parking (accessible spots available):
1218 E Helen St
FREE after 5pm
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More info: contact Claire Maguire

What is SB1249?
SB1249 is a non-partisan bill to extend workplace, housing, and public accommodation protections to all Arizonans, including the LGBTQ community. Not having these protections hurts Arizonans. You can be fired from your job, refused service, or denied housing without this bill. Furthermore, equality is good for Arizona! Equality sends a message about Arizona values. Without equality, our national brand, our tourism industry and our ability to attract and retain top talent suffers.

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This event is not sponsored or endorsed by the University of Arizona