June 2019

Appeal to Friends of Senior Pride

Dear Community of Friends,

In recent years, we have seen a steadily growing awareness of and interest in the needs of LGBTQI+ older adults. And yet, around the country there are still only a few established programs dedicated to LGBTQI+ older adults. Thanks to our incredible team of volunteers, warm acceptance by the Tucson elder care community and your outstanding support, Southern Arizona Senior Pride is achieving a leadership role, nationally as well as locally.

“My disability left me lonely, anxious and disconnected. I am happy to have someone who visits weekly. I am energized by our conversations and have more inspiration and creativity.”
–Recipient of Senior Pride’s Community Cares Program

We are grateful for your understanding of the importance of elder LGBTQ+ pride and support, and are reaching out to you again to help us conclude this fiscal year on solid financial footing. Please continue to generously support Southern Arizona Senior Pride so that we may serve southern Arizona (and beyond!) LGBTQI+ elders for years to come.

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Sincerely and thank you,
Lavina Tomer, Chair

Dea helps Southern Arizona Senior Pride gather donations