M'kor Hayim, Tucson
finding a spiritual home in Tucson

No More Wandering: Back to My Jewish Roots

by Judith Weiser
January 2020

After a classical Reform Jewish upbringing in the 1950’s and 60’s, I left home for college and essentially started my own version of “40 years of wandering in the wilderness.” In my mid-fifties, I found myself wanting to get back to my Jewish roots and checked out all of the reform congregations in Tucson. I eventually joined Congregation M’kor Hayim (“Source of Life”) after meeting and being impressed by Rabbi Helen Cohn. The congregation is the only reform group in Tucson without a religious school. Why is that significant? It means that most of the members are various sorts of “empty nesters”.

Some, like me, never married or chose not to have children. Others were older couples and singles whose kids were grown. There is a nice mix of gay and straight, both in the membership and in the leadership. Our big focuses are celebration of Shabbat and the holidays, social action, learning and community. Because we don’t own a building (our home base is Tucson Hebrew Academy, 3888 River Road) we are able to meet our annual budget with reasonable dues and no extra fundraising pressures.

I found exactly what I need “Jewishly” at M’kor Hayim and I wanted other “wanderers” to know that you are welcome! Check the M’kor Hayim website or feel free to email Judith.