Tucson Weekly, cover story on Senior Pride
September 27, 2018

Pride Through the Ages

When Robert Bell and a man he was dating in the early ’70s broke up, the man threatened to call Bell’s boss and out him as gay, in hopes of getting him fired. When Roger Osgood went to his first gay bar in the ’70s at age 28, he was absolutely petrified but knew it was the only place he could meet people who were like him. When Lavina Tomer came out as a lesbian to her family in the ’70s, she was relieved they didn’t kick her out of the family… Society has come a long way in its treatment of the LGBTQ+ community, but as one aspect of their identities has become more accepted, they’ve gained another trait that, in some ways, has pushed them back toward the outskirts…

»Read Tucson Weekly’s cover story for the week of September 27, 2018, which explores how Southern Arizona Senior Pride protects older LGBTQ+ adults from isolation and discrimination.